Ho Chi Minh

In HCM, I meet again Aurélien and we go together for a walk in the city center: the market, the main post built by the French, the modern areas, etc, and the crazy motorbikes at each crossing are really impressive! On the way back to our GH, we stop in the park close to Pham Ngu Lao. We look at the ladies having their fitness time in the main park, as those in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia! Then, some students come to us to practice their English. Many travelers warned me about the behavior of the Vietnamese. Those not related to the tourism are very kind!

The day after, Aurélien and I take a tour to discover the tunnels in Cu Chi. It reminds us why we don’t like this kind of tourism: plenty of bus having the same stops, coming together to the same place. Anyway, the guide is funny and makes the tour interesting. We learn about how though was the life during the Vietnam’s War, see their skills building some hidden traps. We even stop for a few shots with an AK47! We walk through the tunnels, and taste the basic roots they had.

Back in town, we visit the War Remnants Museum. No fun anymore, the photo galleries show all awful acts of the Vietnam War, many comes from the Americans or dedicated Photographers. The photographs are poignant; you don’t get out intact from this museum! Maybe the worse in the Agent Orange, this chemical weapon that kills the people over many generations: those alive from the war got their DNA so damaged that many kids are disabled: legs or arms missing, deformation of the body, etc. And these kids are born now, in year 20xx!

All these months traveling, I’ve met so many people. In most countries, the family is the main pillar of the society. It is your life insurance, financial and emotional, and will support your projects. When I learned my grand-mother got delivered from her pain, I did not hesitate long to go back to France and be close to my family. On the 19th of March, I book an emergency flight back to France only 6 hours before departure!

The two days in Saigon closes therefore my journey in Vietnam and South-East Asia. I will need to come again to Vietnam 😉

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