Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh

When I booked my night bus ticket to HCM, I explicitly asked about the comfort, if it is really a sleeper bus, etc, thinking I could sleep all the way. But the bus I get is not really as expected! What a journey: the first bus gets broken 1h or 2 after leaving Siem Reap, we wait 1h for the next one. These are sleeper buses, the 2nd a little better allow me to sleep a few hours. Not a bus to lie completely though, the back is up, over the feet of the passenger behind. You have 14 rows, 4 persons in the width, and 2 levels, so 54 places in a bus, that’s the same or slightly more than a normal bus with seats!  So this bus leaves us between 3am and 4am not far from Phom Phen, since we have to change to HCM. The 3rd bus is not a sleeper one, but I arrange some pillow to lie down. Close to the border around 7am, we have to change again! I finally arrive in HCM around 11am.

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