Bangkok again

The few days in Bangkok were more for the organization of my Myanmar trip: visa, money, hotel reservation. Getting the visa is pretty easy: you let your passport in a morning and get it 2 days later in the afternoon. As Myanmar ATMs don’t accept visa yet (but MasterCard is just accepted by one bank network), I bought (too many) USD in Bangkok.

I also got my Olympus 9-18mm repaired, I was lucky they had the spare part (focus ring) so that I got it 2 days later as well. It was quite a stress to get it back: they sent me a sms one Friday at 4pm while I was in other part of the city after getting my Myanmar visa, so I hurry up to go back to the repairing center and got my lens 10min before their closing time; my single chance to get it before leaving Thailand the Monday morning!

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