Myanmar, Yangon

The first hour in Myanmar is already surprising and unusual: as getting a room in Yangon can be difficult, I did a reservation in a Guest House which offers the taxi from the Airport. During the drive, another traveler, Mathieu, a French guy working as medicine doctor explains me how he finances his travels buying and selling rubies and sapphires! [He actually came there last year as well and now waiting for his family to do a similar trip again. He was also in Papua, etc.] We share the taxi with 2 girls from Poland, Joana & her friend. I spend the evening and the next day with them. We are impressed by the Shwedagon Pagoda and stay until the sunset: a huge temple complex with so much gold!

The 28th is full moon and a holiday in the whole country so many shops stay closed while the celebrations and parties are going on the streets. I meet Julien in the Guest house, who tell me about his plan to rent a good bike for his last days in Myanmar. I join him for a few days in the South East, planning to go to this area anyway. We check for the good bike in Yangon and walk around the lake until the garden behind the Shwadagon Pagoda for the rock concert of Iron Cross, one of the most famous bands in Myanmar. The band is quite energetic. While the singer is replaced every 30 min, the others last many hours and play crazy solo (guitar and drum especially).

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