I enjoyed 2 days in Kolkata, hosted by Avik (CS) and his family, and walking through the city with Lukas from Germany, the other guest at Avik’s place. Together, we helped them to organize their 3-week trip in Mai 2013!

Kolkata was my last stop in India. I would actually advice to start a trip in India there: it is a nice transition between the western cities and the other more chaotic cities in India. Kolkata is indeed easier to visit and much cleaner!

Kolkata still have a nice British flair, it used to be the capital of India in the 19th century! Close to MG road, we finally met a CS friend of Lukas in the famous Indian Coffee House! This coffee is an institution and the place to meet intellectuals, students and co. It might be the only place where you can’t get any tea, their infusion being an infused coffee!

We got amazed to see the artists making the Hindu Idols (statues) in the Shobha bazaar: they build the basic structure with straw, then apply mud and burn it; eventually paint the Idol and add some accessories on it.

In that particular day, Bihari were celebrating their Soho festival, the very festival that caused all buses from KTM to Birganj to be full! Their community is quite big in Kolkata, and they were all dancing on the streets or making party on their trucks. When we approached for some pictures, they brought us to the party so that we had to dance with them. Very nice!

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