Amman to Tehran with a transit in Qatar

I flew with Qatar Airways from Amman to Tehran via a one night stop in Doha (20:00 to 7:00). When I booked this flight, I thought I would have hotel service since I had so in Ethiopia were I spent one night in a hotel paid by Ethiopian Airlines in a transcontinental flight from Bangui to Frankfurt via Addis Ababa (but also 4 times more expensive than the QA flights here). How wrong I was! In Qatar, nothing like that, you have to stay in the Airport the whole night. Or if you want to go outside, no free transit visa like many countries but a full $28 tourist visa. A little too much for just a few hours! And in the Airport, you can go to a lounge but it costs $40; or you can just sit in a little quieter area between the gates to the flights. Adding that flights start about every 5 min all night long, my transit in Visa was not very great. Fortunately, from the first flight from Amman, the person sitting next to me was a nice German girl, so we spent the first hours waiting together. Sophia was waiting for a flight to Honk-Kong at 8:00, but she could change her flight to the one at 2:00 for free in Doha. For me the earlier flight to Tehran was already full, so I tried to sleep in their strange sits, finishing on the ground just over some blankets.

The flights from Qatar Airways are however very nice, I was surprised to get a full dinner and then a full breakfast for respectively 4 and 2 hours flying.

Boarding in the plane to Tehran was quite “interesting”: 2 women with full black burqa (whole coverage of the face and body) were supposed to sit close to me. But their cousin or brother could not accept that and started to make a big trouble. Finally they switched with 2 other ladies having no head cover at all, so the burqa women could be on their side with their kid close by. And don’t think about Iran propaganda about that: the women were from Bahrein (I saw their passport later arriving in Tehran) while the ladies were Iranian but living in US. They told me already about “we are Persians, not Arabs! We don’t like them much….”!

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