Last days in Amman

Mk introduced me to his friends in Amman and we got 3 very nice evening there! Either good restaurant or going to the nature around a fire and some songs, I got a wonderful time! Funnily, many of the girls for the group are Europeans working in the Jordan-German University, so I could easily speak with them in German!

When arrived in Amman, Mk let me in the Jordan Tower Hotel, a pretty nice and cheap hostel downtown. My first motivation with the hostel was to travel around Amman easily: so I participated in two daily tours with a private car: one in Jerash and the North and the other in the desert castles.

I spent also some time with Nael, my first CS Guest, who let me again stay in his apartment the last nights before leaving. Nael will soon move to UK with his British future wife. I wish you all the best there. Maybe as training for UK where water-pipe (Nargile in Jordan, Sisha in Egypt) are not as popular and cheap as in these Arabic countries, Nael decided to have one day without Nargile, the first since years! Fortunately I caught it the day before and could share a Nargile with him: it is much stronger than I used to try in Europe! After a few breathes, I felt already dizzy.

I spent one day in Madaba for the magnificent mosaics going by cheap mini bus and walking through the city with the Lonely Planet. In the Archeological Park, neither I nor the office had the change to pay my ticket, so the ticket office let me go into without paying! But anyway, being a combined ticket with other places, I pay it later 😉 In most places or shop, they rarely have change in Jordan. Apparemment, ils ne connaissent pas le principe du fond de caisse !

I went to the Airport by bus again. In the bus terminal in Amman, we were only 3 guys to go in the Airport, so instead of taking the big 50 places bus, we changed to mini-bus who took many other passengers on the way to the Airport.

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