Iran and western propaganda

My first post about Iran shall be against the “western countries”, especially USA, which put Iran to the terrorism axis as a pariah state. Like in many countries, there is a huge gap between what the government is saying and what the people are thinking! The issue is also how the press deals with the information, always showing dramatic events which are however rare, but let believe that it is always like that. Because of this western “propaganda”, many people think Iran is dangerous, and people are fanatics. How wrong!

Iran is actually very safe (like some Asian countries, I would even say safer than US/many European countries including France), the people are very friendly and helpful, and the infrastructures and hygiene are almost on western standards, definitely better than in Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan. By the way, Iranians are mostly Persians (Indo-European), not Arabs!  Iran is much closer to European culture than the previous visited Arabic countries (Egypt and Jordan). This applies also to the order, security, etc: everything seems as well organized and regulated as in European countries. And about the home, I’ve been hosted by couple or family having all equipment you have in Europe, even a dishwasher!

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  1. francine

    I am happy to here this! i was sure of it as well… but never have friend confirming it. I will try to go one day!!! I hope all is well for you! and continue it’s great to read your travel! xxxx

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