Dead Sea and Canyons

Back in Petra, I stayed in the Sunset hotel and had nice chats with Jade and Veronica on the evenings. On Saturday morning, Mohammed –aka Mk, a friend of Ghassab and Jade, came down to Petra with his car to pick us (Veronica, Jade and me) and in the direction of the Dead Sea.

We first had to find the beginning of our first canyon, the Wadi Weida’a. In the canyon, Jade was the first to spring into the water. I was a little reluctant at the beginning with my trekking shoes but got quickly convinced. I though the trek was quite short and we were alone at that time, thus, I let my shoes over a stone. So we kept going up, hearing some boys so we joined them in the swimming pool dig in the canyon!  In our walk, when we saw the 4m waterfall which should be the end of the trek, we just kept going up: we could climb the rock from behind. We continued only some 100 meters and stop for our lunch. Mk and Jade were mastering the fire and the tea! We had a wonderful time in this canyon that afternoon!

Later, we moved to Wadi Mujib initially just to use the toilets, but there we met a friend of Jade and Mk. With his relations, we were allowed to get down in the Dead Sea just in front of the Wadi Mujib. The spot was very clean, actually better than Amman Beach! We stayed until the sunset and we were pushed by the militaries to move away! We went up into the Wadi Mujib to swim in sweet water, a nice shower with the stream!

It was already dark, but we get into the car again in direction of Wadi Hudeira. Mk had to ask some people for the direction, it was eventually pretty easy: from the main street along the Dead Sea on the Potash factory level go to the mountain. We drove up to the beginning of the canyon and just camped there! Mk bought a chicken before leaving Petra and we made it cooked on a BBQ. Very tasty and a wonderful evening!

As Veronica and Jade had to work on the Sunday, we woke up at 5 to get up into the canyon. A very nice Siq up in the river, like in Petra but with water!

Mk is always friendly and helpful. We drove all together back to Petra (i.e. > 1 hour to the South), leaving the girls there, and then he offered me to join him to Amman (3 hours to the North).

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