Bedouin experience & Wadi Rum

The Bedouin are actually the native inhabitants in Jordan and used to deal with the arid conditions. In Petra, Ghassab hosted me in his cave! What a wonderful experience! Ghassab picked up a great spot for his cave: one cave, one water reserve, some flat rocks to sleep outside. And it is what we did: only a sleeping bag or some blankets and a mattress over the rock, a marvelous night under the stars. The first night, Alex from US was the other CS guest, the 2nd night, we were quite a big team around Ghassab: Ana from Italy, Pablo from Argentina, and the French connection: Jade and Veronica from the Sunset hotel, Eric and Claude who used to be customer of the hotel, and myself. We enjoyed the very good Maglouba – a Bedouin specialty– prepared by Ghassab!

Claude and Eric, 2 tourists from St-Etienne, rented a car for their trip through Jordan. They offered me to join them in their tour in Wadi Rum, so did I! As the tour is organized by Jade/the Sunset hotel with, it was pretty easy to make the deal in the evening at Ghassab’s place!

Wadi Rum is a beautiful desert in the South of Jordan, with huge mountains and nice pink sand. We arrived in Eid Attayiq’s place in the morning, and started the 4WD trip in the desert with Salem, Eid’s second son. Pretty amazing there! We had a nice dinner with again a Maglouba, good although not as good as Ghassab’s one!  In the camp in the desert, we also two other guests from Belgium, and could have all together nice discussions with Salem, about studies (Salem is 19 and is studying business administration), wedding and other topics. Salem is the 2nd of a big family: Eid has 2 wives and 12 children! His first son Ali is already married, the 3rd is just getting engaged, and Salem will soon follow.

Most of the guests in the camp chose to sleep in the tent, but I preferred outside, with good beds in the sand. My light sleeping bag was enough for the colder night. And when I woke up in the middle of the night, what a marvelous view of the stars! Away from the light pollution of the cities, the Milky Way appeared clearly with his millions of stars.

The day after, while Claude and Eric were enjoying a camel ride, I just followed walking and climbing close by. We then drove together to Aqaba since it was easier for me to get a bus back to Petra from there. I spent just 2 hours in Aqaba, enough for the lunch and a quick bath in the Red Sea.

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