Petra is the highlight in Jordan, recognized as one of new “Seven Wonders on the World” and they let you feel this: the entrance ticket doubled in the last 3 years, now 50 JD for 1 day, 55 for 2 days and 60 JD for 3 days (actually 4 since they say ‘one day free’). But you quickly realized it is still worth it. The site is huge, 2 full days are required to take advantage of it: if the Siq (gorges) and the Treasury are the most famous (remember Indiana Jones?), there are hundreds of caves and tombs there, some church and temples, etc. And the funny part is that you can climb almost everywhere, no security barriers everywhere as you will see in western countries. This is also a drawback for the site since the huge amount of tourists is also damaging the monuments. So you walk, hike and climb all the day through the valleys and mountains.  A lot of water and some condition are required. For instance, the “city center” in the valley is at about 900m altitude, and you can climb until 1100m. The stairs to the monastery to get these 200m take about 40min!

In Jordan, you meet goats everywhere in the mountains. In Petra, they take advantage of the caves to rest in the shadow. Shepherds are helped by efficient dogs, a little too protective: when I was approaching a cave occupied by some goats, one dog attacked me from behind and eventually bite my leg! Damned, I never thought something like that would happen to me. I didn’t hear him running and was very surprised. At this moment, I was happy to have had the rabies (Tollwut/rage) vaccination, although it was pretty clear that is not necessary: the dog was far from mad, and after a few days, I could forget having bitten!

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