Amman to Petra

“Swimming” in the Dead Sea is an amazing experience. Actually, you can’t really swim because you stay over the water because of the over saturated salt. The Dead Sea is also dying, being always lower since the water coming from the rivers is used for irrigation. Getting water in your eyes or mouth however burns! After the bath, you enjoy the shower, believe me! But it was probably the most expensive shower in my life since you have to pay the ticket of a resort to get it: 16 JD for 1 ½ hours in the Amman Beach! I also enjoyed swimming in the pool in this resort after the over salty Dead Sea.

Next stop was the Wadi Mujib natural reserve: we spent 2h in the Siq trail, going through the marvelous gorge until an 18m waterfall, following the river: at the beginning, the water in on ankle level, but raise to the knees, and you have to climb in some part, helping by ropes. Fernando and I had a lot of fun there!

Then, we drove until the Dana reserve, where we had another 2h hike in the valley. It would be worth to stay longer there, the valley is superb! You can hike for days between +1600m altitude and -200m!

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