Amman, Jordan

From Egypt to Jordan, you can go by land via the Sinai, but you have to take a ferry to Aqaba to skip Israel which should cost about $60 (i.e. you need US $!). However, I went by plane: when I booked my flight, the one way ticket Frankfurt-Cairo or with the 2nd ticket Cairo-Amman were almost in the same price.
In Amman airport, I had to buy a visa, 20 JD that you save arriving in Aqaba which is a special tax zone, probably to avoid too much issue in the gulf with 4 countries very close to each other (Egypt, Isrrael, Jordan, Saudi Arabia). You need also some cash with you since they don’t accept credit card!

The first day in Jordan is quite a change from Egypt: it looks much like a European city: the cars respect the lights, the streets are much cleaner… and everything is much more expensive!  But still we (me and Fernando, the other CSer of Nael, my host there) enjoyed a local restaurant for ca. 2€ each!

Fernando is a lawyer from Madrid, Spain, but also now on a world trip and has his own blog

The main issue in Jordan seems to be that you almost have to hire private taxi for many touristic places. Fernando just came Friday as well but stay only a few days in Jordan, so he hire a taxi for his 4 days trip to Aqaba for 220 JD (~250€). I will share only the first day to Petra tomorrow with him, since I want to stay longer there…


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