Trekking in Kalaw

Most of the tourists first come to Kalaw and trek the ca. 30 to 40km to the Inlay Lake within 2 or 3 days. I want to trek from Inlay to Kalaw, but organizing the boat and everything sounds too complicated (and expensive being alone), so I take the pick-up to Kalaw.

I trek on my own, without even hire a guide! It is very nice to be the single Foreigner among the remote villages, and interesting to find my way! Not so easy though, people rarely understand my pronunciation; showing the map with the village names writing in English don’t help much further. I started late from Kalaw without any food, hoping to find something in the villages, but no way. I get very hungry and am looking for the “Viewpoint”, which I think to be a monastery. I finally find it almost by chance, thinking it should be in this area, coming up through the tea plantations! The Viewpoint is actually a lovely Nepali restaurant where I enjoy a good Dal Bhat, as those I got every day around the Annapurna few weeks before!

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