Inlay Lake

Buses in Myanmar are ok, but arrive way too early: in town on sunrise without any reservation, I meet 3 Germans in the same situation and we continue our journey around the lake together. We first check to 5 places before getting one available and not too expensive!

We then enjoy the area around the lake by bicycle and a ¾ hour canoe trip: a nice opportunity to see the life around the lake and all these houses built on piles.

The day after, we do the classic boat tour on the Lake, starting at 8am: visiting a market, then some manufactures (clothes, cigars, silversmith and umbrellas) with a further stop around the main pagoda for lunch and later in a monastery. The procession of the monks looking for donation is quite impressive, the density of people on that place even more! So far, it is the record of monks seen per sq meter!

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