Fianar to Tuléar, surprising diversity in Madagascar !

Walking the high town of Fianar is very enjoyable, you just have to manage all these kids asking for pen or postal cards.
The way to Ambalaveo goes over wonderful rice terraces:

In Ambalaveo, the hotel « La résidence du Betsileo » offers probably the best table in town (according to French people leaving here). Ambalaveo is an interesting starting point to discover the high peaks of the Andringitra park. It was the best experience in Mada for some travelers I met (greetings to Sonia, Antoine and Magalie), but I could not do in my tight schedule on bicycle. The town is famous for the zebu market:

I also get my short pants fixed:

Crossing Madagascar from east to west, from Manakara to Tulear, you go from the rainforest and lush vegetation of Equatorial kind (tonnes of bananas; lychee and jack fruit seen on the market in Ranomafana) to the still densely populated highlands,

to some steppes that remind me a bit of Mongolia, where there is almost nothing for many km.

We then reach the impressive geological formations in the Isalo park, we are now more in the Arizona or Utah!

And, still on the N7, we get on very dry climates, almost arid, where the cacti are kings.

It seems the air is always hot in Tulear, the city is very close to the Tropic of Capricorn. Don’t forget that all major hot deserts in the World are in the tropics.

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