Rice in Mada

Rice is the most obvious Asian influence. It is the staple food for each meal: at breakfast, lunch and diner! Not cheap however for locals, around 1000 Ar a kg.
Near Ihousy, machines separate the rice from the bran bark more efficiently. Rice is placed in 80kg bags that men carry on their backs and up to the truck on a small wooden board! Such bags are traded at 60 000 Ar, and the truck can carry about 150 or 13t. A bicycle parade participates in loading, each bike carries half a bag of rice from the factory
The country’s production is barely enough for the local consumption, no rice from Mada get exported. But there is a big potential for development. Adrien, local to the Anja reserve, explains me that changing the technique of rice transplantation from 2cm to 15cm could triple the production (1.5kg per square meter instead of 0.5kg) by doing two crops a year. Some rice paddies near Ambalavao follow this improvement, but the majority still follow the old technique.

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