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I started this blog in the easiest way: describing my daily experiences in a chronological manner with quite a lot of details. This is mostly for me to remember when I did what. Writing my drafts in the train I figured out that it ends to very long descriptive articles which might be quite boring for you, dear reader. And anyway, I am not able to post every day something. Thus, I changed my mind, and try to make more synthetic efforts by writing article by topics instead of day. I will probably do some generalization, but hope the behaviors I saw are representative enough.
That is why I only post a summary of my trip through Upper Egypt

One thought on “Blog changes

  1. Kawe

    I like posts based on topics or summaries of some short trips …but what I like most are pictures!!! So please please post some articles including images or even small video clicks 😉 it is not so difficult and makes it much more easier and fun to read 🙂

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