Jodhpur and Udaipur

Arrived early in Jodhpur, we both just left our bags in the train station, Daniela had another train to Delhi (and then Kolkata towards Bangladesh) in the evening and I planned to go to Udaipur by bus. We enjoyed walking in the streets in the morning, before the crow is coming. We walked up to and visited the Merangarth fort, an impressive building over the city. The fort still belongs to the royal family (Maharajah) who opened it to the public. It is not on the UNESCO World Heritage, but the entry fee is even higher (300 Rs), the audio guide is inclusive though (similar to the national museum in Delhi). It was finally quite interesting, we learned a lot about this royal family and their narrow link to the Mughals emperors, their suzerain.

Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed the savors in the market; Jodphur is famous for the spices.

I finally let Daniela take her train, and got a night bus to Udaipur. However, I refused to take a private (and probably more confortable) private bus and ended up in the local (state driven) bus where I had only a sit. The road and the bus suspensions were very bad: it was my worst journey in India!

In Udaipur, I just wanted to relax, spending 2 days around. I visited the city palace, but not more. Udaipur is quite a nice place to stay, much quieter than Jaipur and Jodhpur. The scenery is magnificent, with other palaces on the lake. I also spent some time planning the next legs of my trip.

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