Kratie & Kampong Cham

The bus leads us to Kratie, where we stay 2 nights. We rent a bicycle for the day. It is very nice to ride through the villages. The high temperature is quite exhausting though, and we have to pause many times. After 20km, we see the dolphins at the end of the afternoon. We come much closer than we did in Don Det, maybe 20 to 50m. But they are fast and stay much of the time under water, so it is not easy to take any photograph.

We decide to stop in Kampong Cham, a lovely quiet town a little outside the main touristic track. The bamboo-bridge over a river coming in the Mekong is fabulous, giving more rebound than an Olympic track when you run!

We rent motorbike for one day, and ride up to the Wat Phnom Hanchey. We met a friendly teacher of the Buddhist primary school. We don’t see any he pupils because they are have a few days off before preparing their exam the week after. We stay in a village for a few hours, and enjoy the swim in the Mekong!

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