Angthong National Marine Park

The Angthong National Marine Park is an archipelagos of more than 40 islands, west from Kho Samui. It is reachable by daily tours: a tour boat starts from Kho Samui about 8:30 am, stop in one island for some hours, go to a 2nd island, another stop and come back to Kho Samui in the evening about 5pm.

I bought a ticket from Robert, leading the tourist information center in Nathon (Seatran ferry). What a good tip I gave me: I stayed one night in the park and split the tour between the 2 days. I enjoyed the touristic places with some time shift to the groups, so that I was alone there! The tour came in the main island first about 10am, where I stay the day and over night in a tent. I took my time in the viewpoint, and also with the langur monkeys in the trail! So cute! After the black macaques in Tangkoko, Indonesia, and the gorillas in Dzanga-Donzga, Central African Republic, I start to become familiar with monkeys 😉 The cave in the 2nd trail was also impressive! I was again alone there, after the last groups of tourists.  I could hear and see some hornbills!

In the evening, I met Andreas and Erika from Bayern, Germany who came for 3 days! I spend my morning with them the day after: waking up at 5am, we reached the viewpoint after the 500m trail to get the sunrise. Amazing! We were surprised by so many fish-boats in the national park… Fishes are indeed easier to fish early in the morning: just after waking up, I took a bath in the sea and hear many fishes jumping! I could not see much before sunrise, but could enjoy the fluorescent plankton!

Back in the visitor centre before 8am, we rent kayaks. We paddled until the next island with the lagoon. Even if I would get there again with the tour in the afternoon, it was so nice to have the beach and the way up and down to the lagoon just for us! Reaching the next island, I just took a bath and had to come back: it was already 11am and I had to join the tour again at noon! The current and wind against me, this part was quite exhausting, not always fun but also stressful: I could miss my tour. So I paddle hard and reach the main island at 11:50. I could have taken it easier… But good that I was on time! 20 min later, the group and I went back in the big boat, had a lunch (I was tired but hungry!) and drove to the islands I was in the morning. While the others went to the lagoon, I kept snorkeling. On the way back to the big boat, the tour manager offered me to use the kayak back. They indeed had more kayak than customers for the 2nd group. A hard kayak day that my hands remember!

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