Idea of a world trip

Remember the description of the modern life in the introduction of Trainspotting? You get pushed to get always more. And the more you get, the more you wonder what for! We pretend to have the liberty, but do the people really use it? In the other hand, freedom means more possible choices, and also the difficulties to decide.

During the last years, I met many people traveling, and their stories gave me the motivation to shift from the standard life.

Some says 2012 will be the End of the World. I think there is a common misunderstanding here, the religious texts (Apocalypse, Maya culture, etc) express more the end of a world, or the end of a cycle. When you look at the global economy, it might be well the end of the supremacy of the western culture: other values, culture or systems gain always more importance, e.g. the productive Asia (mostly China) or the religious forces – I consider religious as a huge motivation factor to go forward

Thus, I quit my comfortable life, quit my job, and go discover the World!

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