Mobile phone in Mada: get a headache with promote codes

Choosing a SIM card and a package is quite a headache for the traveler to Madagascar. 3 operators: Orange,Telma and Airtel. The prepaid offer is expensive per default (15 Ar per sec or 0.3 € a min) and you should use promote codes to get a better price. These are sometimes very limited, e.g. valid for only one day. And many codes only apply to calls within the network (as low as 1 Ar/sec). For a traveler who makes one call every 3 days, operator offers is unsuitable. At the Tana airport, I did not understand about the Telma offer outside the daily subscription. I chose an Airtel Ultra Fun package which offers for 15k Ar a 14k credit for call and SMS and 155 MB of data, both valid 30days. With 5 Ar/sec calling other operators, it scrolls quickly. With a low coverage as soon as you leave the cities, communications cut without reason, and as the majority of people on Telma or Orange, I cannot really recommend Airtel, and let the reader to get a better chance with Telma!

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