Antananarivo or Tana, the capital of Madagascar is very active! People and chaotic jams everywhere, and rice fields around: it looks more like a Asian city than a African one! Current Malagasy are descendants of the first settlers from former Indonesia and Malaysia! The food culture is particularly Asian: rice at every meal, and people often eat in small restaurants in town. And as in South East Asia, you can eat for € 1, but the portions are rarely huge: 2-3 small pieces of meat. This remains Africa however: the main meat is the zebu. In music also include Creole rhythms with dances of the hips.
European influence came in 2 stages: partnership with the English in the 19th century. Religion remained: the majority of Malagasy seems Protestant. Then the French colonization from 1896 to 1960 brought the language: it remains the 2nd official language and taught in schools. Many shops are in French. French brought also the cars: The 2CV and 4L are the main taxis in Tana!

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