Wonderful Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is the 2nd oldest city in South Africa after Cape Town. You can admire all the Dutch architecture in the center. It’s a very popular touristic destination. And THE area of wine production in South Africa! Enjoy all the wine tasting in one of over 100 farms out there! You can enjoy the wine with chocolate like in Lanzeroc, or with cheese in Fair View, or admire the gardens in Babylonstorens! And every 2 Wednesday, enjoy the wine festival by the main Church downtown: you pay R50 (4 eur) for an empty glass, and can taste as much as you can from the different farm presenting their production! Many do single grape wine. For instance for the reds: merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Pinotage, this latter only to be found in South Africa. As usual, my favorite (and often the more expensive) are some nice blends (as most of Bordeaux wine are). In that market, I get surprised to see even a Gewürztraminer, a typical white wine from Alsace, France.
Stellenbosch is much more than a touristic and wine town, it is first a student city with one of the biggest and best university in the country! Thanks to my Couchsurfers hosts, I could get a small taste of that, with my real first big braai outside with some neighbors and friends. They actually convinced me to stay one more day for that street wine festival!

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