An hitch-hiking journey in Quebec

Traveling through Quebec, I used car sharing a few times (, but on the way back from Quebec city to Montreal (250km), I decided to try hitch hiking: a very interesting journey!
I however did the mistake to start too late, hoping somebody would take me at 4pm on Saturday. After more than one hour waiting, a car stopped and the friendly Quebecois driver brought me to 60km further, going back home to his lovely village Deschambault. As the Sun was almost gone, he proposed me spontaneously a place to sleep, and continue the day after (i.e. this Sunday). The place was actually his restaurant he just closed a few days before, but still in a situation I could get everything I wanted. Impressive to see so much trust towards a “stranger” as we just chatted 40min! A real friendly Quebecois!
I could visit his village this morning. I got another lift on the highway to the next city, 70km further with a young guy going back to school learning drilling with dynamite (!! huge mining industry in Northern Quebec!) and my last lift to Montreal was 2 interesting Americans on a business trip back to Montreal Airport who would have take the wrong Airport if I didn’t told them to check what they booked!

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