Bamboo train in Battambang

As I want to go to Viet-Nam after Cambodia, I need the visa! I read a lot about Visa between $35 and $50 in Cambodia, but from the 1st of January, it increased to $60. Ouch! At least, it is very fast to get it: I arrive at 8am in the consulate in Battambang and go out 30min later with one page more filled in my passport.

I arrive there the day before by a long bus journey finishing under a heavy rain in the city, preventing the water to get off: the street is now a 20cm high river! I can’t imagine what’s happen in the rainy season!

One of the most famous touristic activity in Battambang is the so called “bamboo train” or nory. It is a wood board put on 2 old train axes with an engine moving it. When another train comes from the opposite direction, you simply get off the board from the axes, putting on the side, waiting for the next nory to pass and assemble the train again to continue! A 3min operation! It is quite funny to lie or try to stand on this board for twice 20min at quite a high speed (it is said to be 7km, so over 20km/h average, probably peaking 40 or 50 km/h).

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