The North

I spend my last week in Sri Lanka in the North, joining my Sister Gaétane at her place in Vavuniya. This town has nothing special, but it is a good hub to go on the coasts around. I spend one day on the East (Trincomalle), 2 on the North (Jaffna) and the last one on the West (Manar). Sri Lanka suffered from heavy flood in last December. Traveling through the countryside is quite impressive: so many plains, forests and even some roads under the water!

The week-end in Jaffna is very nice: a college of Gaétane invites us at her parent’s house, and we have a lovely bike ride with her Dad until the Keerimalai Spring. The day after, we enjoy the bus ride until the islands south from Jaffna: a paradise for bird watchers! It should be even nicer to do it on bicycle as well.

Monday the 14th is again a holyday, celebrating the harvest. It marks the end of the rain season and indeed, we have a blue sky in Manar. Here again with another colleague, we enjoy the still very wild area around the Manar Island. The very West part (called Adam’s Bridge) is very close to India, and with the railways under renovation, it could be a good place to invest for some resort. But hopefully, nothing of that yet: the beach is very beautiful with only the fisher’s huts.

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