New Year Eve party in Colombo

I meet Gaétane again on the train back to Colombo on the 31st while Marie goes back to Galle. We stay in the same flat as before (rented by Gaétane’s organization).

We have a marvelous diner with Torben, Itay and Aviv and latter 3 other friends from Gaétane working in Colombo.

I hosted once Itai and Aviv (from Israel) at my place in Frankfurt 2 years ago before they moved to Frankfurt as well. A few weeks before, they told me about their plan to spend holidays in Sri Lanka. So I invited them to join Gaétane and I in Colombo, and they lovely brought nice products from Europe as we love to eat in such event: smoked salmon and French cheese!

We are just preparing the cheese when Gaétane friends come along with a bottle of a good red wine: perfect to better appreciate the camembert!

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