Galle, Tissa and Yala national park

When I left Mandalay, I met Marie from Quebec who wanted to come to Sri Lanka. We meet again in the lovely town of Galle, a former Dutch fort! From there, we go back to Weligama and have a nice dinner all together: Marie from Quebec, Gaétane and I from France, Torben from Germany and Brennan from the USA. Gaétane, Torben and Brennan are all working in different NGOs in Vavunya.

Marie and I take the bus to Tissamaharama. I borrow a bike for an hour to go around (and avoid getting lost with the so bad map of the LP). Tissa is the starting point for the safaris in the national parks around. We choose the 7h (5am to 12:00) safari in Yala on the 28th. From our 6-seats safari car, we see many buffaloes, deer, birds, peacocks. One elephant attracts all cars around, causing a half-an-hour traffic jam in the middle of the park: ridiculous! Some crocodiles before a mini lunch break on the beach and finally a leopard complete the tour. The leopard is very much a big cat: lying on the tree branch and looking at us with so quiet while we are all excited to see him!

Back in Tissa, we have the lunch with 2 women from England and Netherlands who shared the safari. Both are living in Bangkok.

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