As Daniela already booked it in Ajmer, we took a sleeper bus from Ajmer to Jaisalmer which came again through Pushkar, as I was expecting but the agency in Ajmer told us the contrary…

In Jaisalmer, we got an unusual Couchsurfing experience: Vijay is running his own guest house in the middle of the fort and just gave us rooms for free! And actually a huge room!

We had some good time enjoying the fort without making the visits (slowly fed up of sights seeing)! We booked together a 1 ½ day camel safari with the “Thar Desert Tours” agency. Kamal was very friendly and helpful when booking but a little too insistent of giving him good reviews on TripAadvisor at the end of the safari. Kamal has 25 camels and 10 drivers. One camel is about 40000 Rs in the big camel fair in Pushkar. A camel can live up to 50 years! Our camels were 12 years old. Our driver Nonga was very nice, and could really recommend him (contact him directly on +919928645956). At the beginning of the safari, Daniela and I were both thinking we were crazy to book such a long ride, camel riding is not that comfortable, especially for men! At some point, I even preferred to walk aside. It makes also some unusual work of your leg muscles: the camels are so large!  The night under the sky in the middle of the desert was however worth it and the day after, I could really enjoy the camel ride so that I asked for a faster rhythm:  we tried twice like 50m trot, but it was more than enough for me! Nonga prepared us our last meal for lunch. While sitting in the shadow of some trees, a goat shepherd joined Nonga and I asked him about a price of a goat: about 5-6000 Rs, it is almost similar as the price in the middle of Mongolia!

Back to Jaisalmer, we got yet another night train, this time to Jodhpur. Daniela had a reservation in 3rd class with AC but I was still on the waiting list. We finally decided for the fun to get both our money back from the tickets and got ticket for the general class, the crowded one without any reservation! To give you an idea, the 3 AC ticket was over 400 Rs, the sleeper ticket (no AC) about 170 and the general class only 75 Rs, i.e. about 1€! The 6h drive was ok, in the beginning, we could even have our own berth in GC, but one hour later, it became completely full.

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