Funny warnings in Himalaya roads

If you ever drive in Indian roads, particularly in Himalaya ones, you cannot miss the funny warnings sign all over the way. Here a best of them:

Dare devil? Not here please!
If you drive like hell, you will soon be there!
If married, divorce speed!
If engaged, go steady!
If single, watch for curves!
Bro peep peep don’t sleep!
More you speed, more you skid!
Speed thrrils but often kills!
Hurry and worry go together!
Bro, shortcuts may cut short your life!
Life is short, don’t make it shorter!
Bro, after whisky, driving is risky!
Be soft/gentle on my curves!
Check your nerves on my curves!
Speed is a knife that cuts life!
Drive, don’t fly!
Safety is the light, let it shine!
Drinking and driving is lethal cocktail!
Satefy on road, safe tea at home!
Alert today, alive tomorrow!
Use horsepower, not runpower!
Don’t gossip, let him drive!
You are driving the highest motorable road in the world, but not a shortcut to heaven!
Highway is not the way to get high!
Hurry burry spoils the curry!


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