I planned to take a night bus from Srinagar to Jammu but a few hours before, Iqbal told me he will go to Jammu with his car the day after. So I joined him in his comfortable SUV on the Mughal road, the more touristic road than the main highway. This road is actually just about 3 years old and very nice; the landscape is beautiful, we changed from the European-like and tempered Srinagar over mountain to plains with rice fields and banana trees!

Iqbal was also kind enough to invite me at his place, a big family house where he his living with his mother, his wife and their 7-year-old son, and soon their second child.  A great time there with his family! I also convinced him to join Couchsurfing!

I spent only one day in Jammu, called the city of the temples. I got amazed by the so many temples in Raghunath Mandir and the big Ranbisreshwar temple. These were my first big Hindou temple; I think I still need some time to appreciate this religion with many divinities.

I spent the afternoon close to the Bahu Fort. First a short time to see the temple inside the Fort and then on the way downhill, I enjoyed the multiple monkeys in the big Mughal garden Bagh-e-Bahu.

It was easy to take local bus in Jammu and found by way back to Iqbal’s place, thanks to GPS. I just walked the last 2km.

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