Diving in the Gulf of Thailand

The main motivation to come into these islands was diving. And for that, the best is Koh Tao. So I stayed 2 full days in Big Blue dive resort, one of the biggest in the island and in the top 10 worldwide: they run 4 boats every day, a huge one is dedicated only for fun dives. So I had 4 nice fun dives (2 each day) there!  The many fishes in Chumphon pinnacle reminded me Bunaken, Indonesia. The dive on the wreck was nice; even it was artificially sunk some years ago. Andy brought me under an impressive rock in Laem Thien: the rock is the sea level and the waves tapping it create an amazing deep boom you feel through your body: better than the bass in a hard rock concert!

One main dive site in the area is called “Sail Rock”, between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. When I came in Koh Tao on the 12th, 2 Israeli guys –Amir and Niv– and I asked for the next dive trip to Sail Rock. We just missed the weekly trip! We asked other resorts in Sairee village but similar story: nothing planed or free in the next days.  So we had to find another solution to get there. I went back to Koh Phangan the 15th and stay again 1 day there, just for this dive! Crazy, isn’t it?

But it was worth it! The dives with sailrockdivers.com were very nice! I was diving with Amir and Niv since I told them about this plan back in Koh Tao. In the 2 dives in Sail Rock, we saw the bull sharks as we heard from others before! They were about 2m big! We saw them by a distance of ca. 10m. I really wanted to get closer, but to let them quiet, it is better not: the instructor Niel had to catch my leg to avoid my mistake: I was reading later that bull sharks are among the most aggressive to humans!

If I could not bring my camera under water, Martin, another diver, could shot the shark:

Bull shark in Sail Rock, Thailand.
Copyright: Martin Goodwin

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  1. taek

    Diving with shaaaaarks! awesome! must be an unbelievable kick swimming next to them. But please don’t get too crazy Eric, would be nice to welcome you back with all your arms and legs on your body…

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