Sightseeing in Karakorum

Thursday the 19h of July: the weather is still gray, Nicolas and Eve want to move to another city, Sarah and Manon are not motivated yet to ride their horses the whole day. We walked all together to the town. We had a lunch in Morin Jim. Then, Sarah and Eve bought lovely jewelry from the craftsman in the shop next door.  We finally split: Eve and Nicolas hitchhike for their next destination; I went to the market to buy cheese for Sarah and a bus ticket for the day after. Visiting the huge Buddhist monastery of Erdene Zuu Khid was the highlight of my day. It is the first (founded in 1586) and maybe biggest monastery in Mongolia, the place is square those walls length is over 200m. It used to have over 60 temples, but only 3 remains, the rest being destroyed within the time, particularly during the Stalinist purges in 1937. The walls now protect many small Buddhist temples, buildings or sculptures. I keep listening explanations of other groups in German or English, pretty interesting! Heavy rain just started and stopped many times when I was there, but I could wait some minutes at the entrance of some temple. I used a longer break of the rain to walk to the turtle rock or better said sculpture in the north. But the heavy rain just started again, so that I was completely wet. Fortunately, a ger stands nearby, and I wait about ½ hour there for the rain to stop or be quieter. I walked the 2km back to Morin Jim in the light but continuous rain.

Friday was again a transport day, with the bus from Karakorum to Ulan Baatar. I just had some stress at 10am in the market place: I though the bus would start from there, since it arrived there few days ago. I finally found somebody who could explain me in English that the departure was 1km away, just west from Morin Jim, so I took a taxi since the bus was suppose to start at 10:00! I got it and could quietly continue writing this blog in the bus. It was a pretty good bus from Hyundai. It had just an incident: it stalled once when driving slowly close to a petrol station, and couldn’t start again, so it got pulled by another bus and started again!

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