Clubbing in UB

Later back in UB, the 4 of us met again to celebrate our last evening all together on this Saturday night! First in the fancy MB bar, we got a nice black Mongolian beer. When Sarah’s friends joined us, Sarah got a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the friend’s birthday which was the 11th.  She then brought all of us (Hanna CS’s host, Chimedee, joined us in the meantime) to a fancy club with international RnB and house music. It has been also a few months I haven’t been on a dance floor; it reminds me the parties with my friends in Frankfurt. Around 1am, Sarah’s friends had left, and Sarah suddenly wished some karaoke, so we went out, got a taxi and after a while and some phone calls, we found an opened karaoke. And in this area, Mongolia is definitely in Asia: forget the public karaoke in the Irish pub, you come there down to the basement of an old building, some long corridors with plenty of private rooms, each group having his private karaoke and. Impressive! You can hear also different drunk singers in the room next door, crazy! In our group, Slobo lead many English spoken song, he used to have in own band where he was the singer. Sarah and Chimedee host had some Mongolian songs, and I was almost asleep… Sarah had also some very emotional moments!

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