I took the bus in the afternoon to Kashan and arrived about 18:30. My CS host was kind enough to bring me from the bus terminal. I was just the first of many other guests at his place: Raquel and Allen from Brazil came at about 21:30 and a group of 4 Chinese arrive at 1 am!

Allen and Raquel quit their job as photographers on cruise ship in last December and are traveling since then. They were in India a few weeks ago. But Allen traveled much more than that, having visiting a lot of countries already! It has been very interesting to chat with them. They have also a blog, http://www.latilongi.net/

I didn’t have so much discussion with the much younger Chinese. With a interesting guy studying in Brasilia and in exchange program in Paris (also speaking fluently Brazilian and French), 3 girls were celebrating their graduation from finance and economy. When I asked them about their motivation to come to Iran, I had a little shock: while they got recommendation from a Friend of her, they attended the speech of Ahmadinejad at their university a few weeks ago and found it great!

In the first day, while the Chinese went with the host to Abyaneh, I spent the day with Raquel and Allen in Kashan, visiting the nice traditional houses and the sultan’s bath. The day was very hot, we were happy to come home. We get out for a dinner on our own, where everything was writing only in Farsi. As the most expensive meal was about 75000 IRR, we just let us guide in the kitchen to order a chicken kebab. It was pretty nice. We were discussing about how clean and fair the Iranians are in comparison to some other countries (Egypt and India about garbage). A little too early about honesty: they charge us 350 000 IRR for our 3 meals, speaking about special kebab and extra to stay in the place!

The second day, we went to the nice and refreshing village of Abyaneh in the mountains, refreshing because cooler (25° instead of 30+, being in 2200 m altitude instead of 1000) but also quieter, far from the loud cities. So quiet indeed that it looks like a ghost city, only old people stay there, particularly the old ladies with their nice colorful scarf instead of the classic black one you see everywhere.

Back to Kashan, we got again a pizza in a fast food restaurant since most places are close in the afternoon (until 6 or 7pm), then one hour in a modern internet café before getting a taxi to the bus terminal. The bus to Tehran had just left, so with the taxi we drove after it and got it! Interesting experience!

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