Results of the Egyptian Elections

The details of the results can be shown in wikipedia

In the first round, 3 candidates got more than 20% of the votes:

  • Shafik, the former prime minister
  • Morsi, an independent candidate from the party founded by the Muslim Brotherhood who also leaded the revolution and the recent manifestations in the Tahrir Square.
  • and Sabahi from the dignity party and having much support from the liberal and Christian people. He got almost twice more votes has expected through the last surveys. A good sign for the future, but a pity it was not enough to come in the 2nd round.

The second round saw the victory of Morsi, though Shafik claimed also the victory in the beginning.

But just before the 2nd round, the election process of the parliament was declared illegal. Consequently, the recently elected parliament, having a majority from the Muslim Brotherhood, got disbanded. It is clear that the Army (the SCAF) want to keep the control of the country!

Thus, now, Egypt has a president, but with power limited by the SCAF, and without parliament. Not very a good sign for the Democracy!

Anyway, the win of the Islamic is also an issue for the private liberties and especially those having other religion. The Christians in Egypt might start to fear even more pressure from the society.

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