I got the nightly bus to Yazd exactly one day after the five Europeans. I tried to reach them to know in which hotel to go, but I didn’t receive their SMS. Arriving at 5am, I just went to the hotel recommended by the LP and go for a 2-3 hours sleep in the dorm. How lucky I got: the 5 were the other clients of the dorm! So I could spend two more days with them!

The first day, we went for a hike in the mountains. A very nice addition to my trip in Iran, I get more fun with sport and nature than museums in the cities! We hike for about 2 ½ hours up to 3400m, then had a merited lunch break, and walked down where our 2 taxis were waiting for us.

The second day, we booked a tour to the Zoroastrian places guided by Hadi. Discovering the first monotheism religion was interesting, they influenced the Abrahamic religions in many terms, in particularly the Islam, e.g. the five daily prays.

What impressed me the most in Yazd was to learn the techniques used by the Persians to distribute water through their qanat (water channels dig by men) and how they invented air conditioned centuries ago with their bagdirs (construction with shafts to get warm air up and cold air down).

The third day, I let the 5 for a tour in the desert (because I did something similar in Wadi Rum, Jordan), and walked alone through the city, got impressed by the Mosque, and got lost in the small streets of the maybe oldest continually inhabited city in the World (about 7000 years).

Later, I met again Hadi to help him with his French exercises. He is indeed learning French to better guide the French tourists coming here. With another friend of him learning French, we got the dinner in a fancy hotel.

The day after, I stayed in the hotel working on my pictures and met Hadi a last time for a park and the lunch before getting the bus to Esfahan.

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