Sprint before leaving

Almost 2 am, the last night before taking my first flight (at 10:40 am): what a last exhausting day!
In the morning, I got my visa for Iran, had to pay the urgent procedure (75€) at the consulate on Friday to get it ready today, so I paid almost 150€ for this one!
Then, I continued packing my stuffs to the basement to let as much space as possible in the flat for Ana Maria who overtake my place for the year off.
I went to the Deutsche Post to send one Canon lens I just sold.
Last Saturday, I had a very nice farewell party with about 40 friends. I cleaned the flat only today.
I received Martin who overtake my Canon DSLR and lenses (too heavy for traveling), Frederico for my MTB, Daniel for my city bike, and finally Ana Maria to tell her the last details.
Very friendly last good byes.
Some hours later, I finally finished packing my luggages: 20kg all in: 15kg back pack + 5kg laptop and camera.
And before surfing other couch, I will first surf mine own. I indeed started disassembling my bed!

3 thoughts on “Sprint before leaving

  1. Vincent

    Salut Eric !
    Laissons de côté l’universalité, je t’écris en français, ça ajoutera un peu d’exotisme à ton blog. On voulait juste te souhaiter un très beau voyage, avec plein de belles rencontres. Quand tu reviendras en Europe, il y aura un humain de plus dans notre maison du Mans. Nous ne prévoyons donc pas de grand voyage avant un bout de temps. On se connectera régulièrement sur ton blog pour voir du pays !

    Caroline et Vincent

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