Unusual route?

It might be a big mistake or a nice surprise: I did not spend so much time to prepare my trip, I prefer being flexible and spontaneous.
I love biking, but I don’t want to spend so many time only on the bike. I will better travel by plane. I never had a car, and only use my bike for the last 10 days on every day basis to go to work or out. I suppose it will pay out the CO2 emissions of all the flights I will take…
Anyway, I do have a kind of master plan for the months to come. I chose my destination by cultural interest, personal connection (i.e. to meet friends) and weather conditions: I want to travel light, thus keep in the warm countries.
A few days before leaving home, I only planed until July 2012.

May’12: Egypt / Jordan
June: Iran
July: Mongolia/China
August: Thailand/India
Sept/Oct/Nov: Japan? Korea? China?
Dec/Jan south East Asia: Thailand/Birman/Vietnam/Laos/Cambodge – Or Christmas in Sydney, Australia?
Feb: Australia
March: New Zealand
April/Mai: South America (Chili, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc)
— Back to Europe?
— Or continue?
June: Mexico
July: USA
August: Canada
Sept’: Africa?

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