The South: Kep, Rabbit Island and Kampot

Visiting Cambodia in the dry season is quite difficult since the temperature raise over 35°, so you cannot really enjoy the midday. This gives us a big motivation to go on sea side.

We arrive in Kep in the afternoon. After checking a Guest house not far, I really enjoy the first bath in the sea since Sri Lanka 2 months before. But the best was actually the 3 days on the so called “Rabbit Island”. There is not much to do, electricity runs only between 5pm and 11pm, and there is no internet. A perfect place to chill out, breathe deeply with the oceanic air and of course spend hours in the ca. 28° clear water! As no kayak is available, we start a walk along the beach barefoot. We end up walking all around the island, a ca. 3h tour! The night bath is also magic: the fluorescent plankton illuminates your move. I encourage all to try it with a snorkel!

It is always funny to meet again the same people: we met Raphael and Abi twice in Laos and another couple from Belgium in Kratie. Raphael just celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday and invites us to cheer with the Pastis! Great!

The 8th of March is the International Women’s day and a day off in Cambodia. As it is this year a Friday, many get a long week-end to relax. In the morning, we come closer to a group of Cambodian who soon invite us to join them for the breakfast/brunch. The family is living in Sihanoukville. They leave in the morning and we go for a swim. When we come back, another group is sitting on the very same place. We just say hello and they tell us they are from an NGO close to Phnom Phen. We are interested by an opportunity to volunteer, and they invite us for the lunch! Amazing! Unfortunately, reading the condition of their organization, we have to pay $100 a week to contribute in the costs. Speaking later with other expat volunteering for a many months period confirm what I thought: it is not very efficient and productive to volunteer for just a few days! So we soon forget about that idea!

Back in the main land, we enjoy the crab market in Kep and later the river side in Kampot. Kampot is again a famous area to produce premium quality pepper. We visit FarmLink, a western-run company that buy the seed from the farmer in the association following a high quality bio process. They select the best seed, pack them, and export them to the rich countries. A 100g box of black pepper cost 5.5$ there!

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