Ulaan Baatar

The airport there appeared me to be very tiny, and I was quickly outside. At midnight, I had to take a taxi to downtown, first to my CS host place, but I couldn’t reach him since it was a wrong number. I finally had to ask the taxi to bring me in the very center, close to the State Department Store. At 1 a.m., I tried 1 guesthouse who did not answer; I walk a little around, saw a team of young people playing a kind of game, and ended up in a fast food restaurant in the corner. While working on my pictures and watching the Euro game Germany vs Italy, I there figured out it is open 24h a day, so I stayed there until 8:30 and the opening of the department store and post office where I got a local Sim card.  I could then call Meg, another CS host and went to her place.

I stayed the first day almost sleeping there, met my first CS host at the dinner after having his correct number. The second day, I was walking around, but too late to get into the museums. I visited the Gandan Khiid Buddhist monastery, with an impressive huge (26m high) Buddha statue.

Meg organizing her own tours, she told me about a tour starting in the Gobi 2 days after.

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