Soweto & Johanesbourg

Soweto is 12km from Jo’burg Park station: doable with bicycle. I am surprised to see that it’s a really separated town, with some countryside in between. South West Township was meant to be separated from the white people in Jo’burg! So many Chinese mall on the way! Another option is the metrorail: 30min drive, but can get very busy on the rush hours: Soweto to Jo’burg in the morning and the way back by sunset. Crazy busy indeed, with people grapping from outside. That the way it was meant by the White during the Apartheid to have the man force from the Blacks, but with proper separated areas to leave. They even considered to build high speed trains to push the Blacks even further, as you can learn in the Apartheid Museum!
Metrorail in Soweto
Soweto is nice to cycle around: the bicycle tours from Lebo’s backpackers seem to be quite popular among the tourists! I do again the alternative way, with a local guide and teacher in history who I met around a beer!
In Jo’burg, I stay at Dewald’s place in Melville. Another member of Warmshowers and very into bicycles: he has 3 at home, and let me use his tools and even give me a spare gear shifter (he brokes the right one, I broke the left, so gave me the remaining left, but a Sram X0!): very convenient. My last host from Warmshowers, Antoinette, helps me to pack my bike in a box and bring me to the Airport. Only really positive experiences with Warmshowers, like Couchsurfing but even better!
Another cool and upcoming area in Jo’burg is Manabong where the artists took over the crappy building. A taste of Berlin few years ago…
Jo’burg is one of the biggest city in Africa…
…and a place to demonstrate, here against the Xenophobia events
Against Xenophobia

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