Hill country

Itai suggests many times to hire another car for the way from Sigiriya to Haputale. I am glad that the guy in the guest house advices us to take the bus and train I am trying to push, so that what we take on the 4th. The train is a Chinese made in 2012 so quite good. The ride offer stunning views!

Haputale is a lovely place for trekking. Wanni (contacted via CS) joins for a walk until the Bambarakanda Falls, the highest in Sri Lanka. The funniest part is the completely improvised trek we do around. I suggest many times to avoid the main road and randomly start in some pathes. Wanni helps us asking the people about the route. On the way back, we are rewarded by amazing views and landscapes, from rice paddies to a pin forest until a jungle too dense to go through!

On the 6th, we enjoy the visit in a tea factory, and the trek in the tea plantations up to the “Lipton Seat”. Unfortunately, the rain and strong wind “steal” us the view. We spend more time in the tea stall on the top with a local guy having an impressive collection of bank notes from all countries (maybe already over 120 countries covered)!

I let Itai and Aviv going to the south, while I continue for one more stop in the hill country: Ella. It is a village organized for foreign tourists. I trek to “little Adam’s peak” and Ella rock but again not in the best weather conditions.

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