Back in Cairo, I wanted to go to the white desert with some friends of Nagui, but they were not available these days. I was actually appreciable to rest instead a little in Cairo and deal with my pictures: I could upload some pictures from Cairo and Upper Egypt on photo.eric-creation.com!

Saturday, I decided to move on, taking the night bus to Dahab, Sinai. It was refreshing coming there, in a “holiday” ambiance, away from the loud Cairo!

I came there to dive in the red sea, initially just for one or 2 dives. As the dives were very cheap, I finally made the Advanced Water diver certification (PADI) at Penguin village. 6 dives in 2 days + the theory to learn, it ended up to be a quite intense journey!

It was funny to dive with some American, Brazilian and Singapore people. We all agree that Dahab has some nice dive places, but not “the best in the world”. However, it is difficult to make it cheaper: 18€ per dive or 144€ for the Advanced certification with free accommodation for 3 nights! What a bargain!

One dive was with Chris and Colleen, two Americans living in Frankfurt for more than 10 years, Chris at Crytek and Colleen as a medicine doctor. The World is small…

I spend Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Dahab, and took the night bus to Cairo on Tuesday evening. As in the other way, the bus is ok, but a few military control in the middle break your sleep! We were asked to go out of the bus and some soldier checked the whole bus: it was just before passing under the Suez Canal.

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